Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Green - Toddlers

In honor of St. Pat's day, I did green. Mostly because there are so few St. Pat's day books that work for storytime and most are too long for this age.

The more we get together (with signs)
If you're Irish and you know it
Jumping and Counting
Irish Jig (from Folk Dance Fun)
I know a Chicken (with shakers)
What a miracle

5 little shamrocks

Green by Seegar
Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox
Little Green by Keith Baker

This was a small group to start with, only 4 kids but some came late so it there were 10 by the end.
The books worked pretty well. Even Green worked. (I did it last)
The Jig was a little crazy because I got all out of breath but the kids can't do the moves at the age so it was mostly just jumping around.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Rain for Toddlers

We have a couple of leaks in our meeting room so I had to do toddlers on the floor. I picked the area between teens and audio books. Not the best place but there are few choices.

I forgot  my opening song and just dove into a book.

Wow Said Owl by Hopgood
They were not paying attention for the most part because I put down cushions and all they wanted to do was play with them. This always happens so I don't usually use them. Then after about 15 minutes someone threw one so I took them away.

Shake your Sillies out
If you're happy and you know it

Itsy bitsy Spider

Book (tie in) - I sang it for the most part
Itsy Bitsy Spider by Trapani

It's Gotta Rain if you want a Rainbow by Pocket Harmonica
with scarves

5 little Raindrops

I wasn't going to do my flannels but I heard a parent say, sit down so you can hear a story. Didn't want to disappoint so I did.

Closing song:
What a Miracle

They were all over the place as usual but the parents didn't know what to do since there was very little room. Not ideal. But what can you do?

Passive preschool storytime

R was sick so I put books, craft from another day, and some music in the meeting room and the kids went to town. Seemed to work pretty well.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dragons - toddler storytime

I have done dragons for toddlers on occasion but the books are not great for 18-36 months. I tried it anyway. It was okay, but a couple of the kids were not there to listen to the books and they got the others riled up. I came close to losing my voice.

Open Shut Them
If you're Happy and you know it
Jumping and Clapping
Dragon Mountain with shakers
What a Miracle

The best pet of all by LaRochelle
Not Your Typical Dragon by Bar-el (couldn't even get them to settle down for a puppet story)
One Drowsy Dragon by Long    (they really didn't need 3 stories but I did it anyway, couldn't hurt)

Ten little dragons flannel

So not bad just not good.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pizza for toddlers

Okay, well with this being my 3rd pizza storytime in a week, it went pretty well. The kids however were pretty loud and crazy.

The more we get together
Shake your sillies
If you happy and you know it (with additional verse - if you like pizza and you know it)
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza from Ratatouille (with instruments)
I am a pizza with uke
P-I-Z-Z-A (to bingo)

Hi Pizza Man by Walter
The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza  by Strurges (a little long for these kids but sometimes you just have to do one that is a little longer)

5 Leftover Pizza slices

Not too bad, I was having to speak loud over one kid's voice and then we cut it a little short due to kids running around but it was fine.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pizza for Preschool Storytime

I filled in for a co-worker today. I did my old standby Pizza like I did last Friday.

There were only 4 kids but it went well.

The more we get together with signs
Shaking Song by Gill - I was going to do List of Dances but my CD started skipping.
If you're happy and you know it
I am a pizza - echo song on uke
P-I-Z-Z-A on uke
Pizza by Mr. Jon with instruments
I cut this short since I was the only one marching around the room. It is a little slow for that.
What a miracle

Pizza Day by Iwai - this is a new one and not bad but a little small
Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza
Hi Pizza Man!  - finally back in print!

5 leftover pizza pieces

It went fine but not very energetic. What can you expect with 4 kids.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Pizza at Preschool Outreach

I did my pizza storytime. It was pretty good.

Strega Nona - a bit long for this bunch
The Little Red Hen makes a Pizza - good
Hi Pizza Man!

Open shut them
Hands are for clapping
I am a pizza (on uke)
Bean Bag Rock
May there always be sunshine

5 leftover pizza pieces

I will do it again on Tuesday so this was a good dry run.